Paola Epifani, alias Rabarama, was born in Rome in 1969. She lives and works in Padova.

The daughter of an artist, from her early childhood she showed an inborn talent for sculpture. She started her artistic education at the Arts High School in Treviso, and continued later at the Venice Academy of Fine Arts. She graduated with top marks in 1991 and immediately started taking part in a large number of national and international sculpture competitions, earning growing acclaim with both the critics and the general public alike.

Rabarama creates sculptures and paintings with men, women or hybrid creatures, often passing for the eccentric. The skin of the subject created by the artist is always decorated with symbols, letters, hieroglyphics and other figures in a variety of forms. The “membrane”, the “cloak” that seems to envelop these figures is constantly changing, always adding new signs, symbols and metaphors. The alphabet indicates the internal restriction of language and our singular-plural entity (according to the conception of the philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy): hieroglyphics, puzzles and honeycombs are the visualization of the genome, the infinite combinations and possible varieties inherent in humanity, displayed in the mental mazes where is materialized the multifaceted complexity of the ego.

Art pieces available

Interiorizz • 40x52x42cm • Bronze

Mandala chakra • 64x40x49cm • Bronze

Niyama • 41x28x55cm • Bronze


Ekagrata • 27x71x36cm • Bronze


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