Rémi PLANCHE, born in 1993, lives in the Perche region. After a university degree in History – where his visceral need to paint was expressed at night – Rémi Planche chose to become a professional in order to give free rein to his passion.

His influences are multiple, but his favourite field remains the representation of the human body, faces and hands. The bodies are dressed or naked, in a position of waiting, defence, withdrawal… face absent so that the idea of each human being emerges beyond the pose. The male faces are hard, bearded, chiselled, hieratic or even solemn, all marked by a life of trials and tribulations and yet all sublimated by the gaze.

As a return to the roots at the very idea of the beginning, his work was directed towards primates – distant cousins – with already in the gaze, almost painfully the consciousness of the human soul. And then always in the idea of animal brute force, without concession, the representation of the felines appeared as an evidence, with as a common thread the brightness of a consciousness in the gaze. For Rémi, everything can be inspiration, breathing, emotion, palpitation… To plunge into these looks is to become aware of our humanity.

Art pieces available

Tigre XIX • 160x140cm • Oil on canvas

Guepard I • 120x130cm • Oil on canvas

Huard I • 130x120cm • Oil on canvas

Once IV • 190x80cm • Oil on canvas

Portrait CCXXVIII • 150x100cm • Oil on canvas

Gorille VIII • 150x100cm • Oil on canvas

Gorille XVIII • 160x70cm • Oil on canvas

Once IX • 150x80cm • Oil on canvas

Gorille XIX • 160x70cm • Oil on canvas

Tigre XXIX • 180x60cm • Oil on canvas



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