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Philippe Geluck is a Belgian humourist, writer, illustrator, actor, comic, stage and television star, and the French-speaking world’s most popular and successful cartoonist.

He was made Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters by France’s Minister of Culture (2003), and Commander of the Order of the Crown by Belgium’s King Albert II (2009) for his services to laughter, fun and happiness.
Born in Brussels in 1954, Philippe Geluck graduated in 1975 from the National Institute of the Performing Arts (INSAS) and for the next 10 years pursued a successful career as an actor in Belgium’s leading theatres, in both classical and contemporary roles. But during this time he was also drawing highly personal and off-the-wall illustrations and watercolours, and exhibiting them in galleries in Brussels, Paris, London, Milan, Copenhagen… and Dallas.

Le Cat was born on 22 March 1983. The leading Belgian French-language daily, ‘Le Soir’, asked Philippe to come up with a cartoon character. Le Cat was literally born overnight, appearing the next day in the daily supplement, and quickly became the paper’s mascot. Since then, there have been more than 8,000 CatCartoons in the paper, and they have been syndicated in many French dailies and magazines, as well as appearing in Brazil, Finland, Germany, Iran, Italy, Lebanon, Portugal, The Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. The last cartoon appeared in ‘Le Soir’ on Le Cat’s 30th birthday.

From 1986 Philippe began collecting his CatCartoons and other wacko illustrations into albums; to date 20 have been published as well as 5 Best-ofs, all by Casterman. Over the years various books have also been published in French, among others;  ‘Docteur G’, ‘Le Fils du Chat’ (children books), ‘Peut-on rire de tout?’, ‘Le Chat s’expose’, ‘L’Art et Le Chat’ (…),  as well as 3 comic books in English; ‘The Bible according to The Cat’, ‘Le Cat’ and ‘Le Cat Strikes back’.
‘La Minute du Chat’, a series of one-minute animated sketches, was broadcasted every evening in 2011 in the prime time TV slot just before the news on French (France 2) and Belgian TV (RTBF).

Since he was born, Le Cat has sold over 12 million albums. And CatMerchandising has gone viral over the years – CatFans can buy postcards, chocolates, children’s clothes, fluffy toys, statues, iPhone covers, and much more.
Philippe Geluck has spent much of his career on radio and television in France and Belgium. Since 1979, Philippe has hosted or co-hosted more than 1,500 TV programmes, all carrying his particular brand of humour (‘Lollipop’ (BE), ‘Un peu de tout’ (BE) that won the Montreux Rose d’Or for a comedy programme, ‘Vivement Dimanche Prochain’ (FR), ‘La bande à Ruquier’ (FR), ‘On a tout essayé ‘ (FR), ‘Monsieur Dictionnaire’ (BE), …). And since 1987, he has also been a key cast member in some of both countries’ most popular radio shows (‘Le jeu des dictionnaires’ (BE), ‘La Semaine Infernale’ (BE), ‘Le Docteur G répond à vos questions’ (BE-FR), ‘P’tits Déj’ (FR), ‘Déjeuners’ (FR), ‘Changement de direction’ (FR), ‘Dans tous les sens’ (FR), ‘On va s’gêner !’ (FR), ‘Les Grosses Têtes’; the most listened to radio show in France).

In 2003, for Le Cat’s 20th birthday, Philippe Geluck curated an outstanding exhibition, ‘Le Chat s’expose’, at the National School of Fine Arts in Paris, which then travelled to Brussels, Bordeaux and Rennes, attracting more than 350,000 visitors in all.

Today, simultaneously to his numerous activities (radio shows, daily cartoon on ‘L’appli du Chat’, yearly comic book, charity work, exhibitions (…), Philippe is actively working on the creation of ‘Le Musée du Chat’ that is foreseen to open its doors end of 2019 in the heart of Brussels.

Art pieces available

Le chat Fakir • Résine polychrome


J’aime Botero • 150x120cm • Acrylique sur toile


Mozart Stradivarius • 146x114cm • Acrylique sur toile


Poisson mis au ban • 100x100cm • Acrylique sur toile


Le golfeur • 65x55x45cm • Résine polychrome



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