Born in 1968 in the suburb of Paris, NOWART is a French artist and video maker, coming from graffiti art and urban collective and multidisciplinary creation.

He painted his first wall in 1985, directed his first video in 1991 and since then he regularly exhibits his works in galleries in Paris, New York, St Petersburg, Brussels …

‘Human’ is at the heart of his work with the values of the Hip-Hop movement as a conductor line: Peace, Love, Unity…
Today his installations and visual works are the sum of his artistic researches (painting, sculpture, video, 2D and 3D graphics, writing, sounds), the result of his human experiences and the junction and consistency of his creative desires around a theme.

Art pieces available

Dali • 119x143cm • Mixed media on canvas

Basquiat • 100x100cm • Mixed media on canvas

Picasso Toile • 138x120cm • Mixed media on paper

Dyptique Basquiat Haring • 2x 120x120cm • Mixed media on paper

Mona Lisa • 85x61cm • Mixed media on paper

La pieta • 160x130cm • Mixed media on canvas

Samo • 115x83cm • Mixed media on paper

Dali • 180x150cm • Mixed media on canvas

Sadhu • 112x112cm • Technique mixte sur toile

Einstein E=MC²• 98x71cm • Mixed media on paper


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