Mr. Brainwash is a French graffiti artist born in 1966. 

For more than a decade, Thierry Guetta, under his artist name, Mr. Brainwash, has been pushing the boundaries of contemporary art. The orchestrated collision of street art and pop art constitutes his true balance.

Mr. Brainwash has shaken up the art world with his innovative and audacious style. He uses elements of pop art heritage and raw compositions from his street art beginnings to create larger-than-life exhibitions and stunning collaborations.

Mr. Brainwash’s passion is also evident in his commitment to community support: He continues to donate artwork to support the LGBT centre in Los Angeles. He has also created murals commemorating September 11th to honour the victims. He has partnered with the “Product RED” initiative that funds the fight against AIDS. He also had the honour of meeting privately with Pope Francis in Rome to raise funds for Scholas, the Pope’s personal foundation for youth around the world.

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