Mitro is a French painter born in Romania 1957. He graduated in Graphic Arts, painting, sculpture and restoration at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bucharest. Mitro, is an artist full of modesty whose doubts drives him to work hard, constantly seeking the right representation. With a classical setting enhanced by strong graphics emphasizing the subject, or punctuating the composition, playing with light like the Impressionists, his technique brings to his figurative painting a striking modernity that delights us.

Mitro is certainly the surprise of the early century and deserves to be followed for the enjoyment he brings to us. His paintings are now present in private collections in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Japan and major European countries.

Art pieces available

L’entre • 116x89cm • Paint on canvas

Cour Intime • 100x100cm • Paint on canvas

Dans mon coeur… Notre dame • 150x150cm • Paint on canvas

New York • 100x100cm • Paint on canvas

Grande Canale • 150x150cm • Paint on canvas


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