Emmanuel MICHEL


Emmanuel Michel was born in 1970, he lives and works near Toulouse. For 30 years, he has been
dedicated to painting, drawing, engraving and sculpture. He travels around the world to
the meeting of men. He tells about their daily lives and cultures on canvas and on paper,
their rites, the natural and urban landscapes in which they evolve. With clay, bronze
and metal, it gives life to his encounters at the other end of the world. His work is resolutely turned
towards man in his daily life with his culture, his rites, his simplicity.
He organizes numerous exhibitions in France and abroad, in galleries, museums, exhibitions
international contemporary art, cultural centres etc….. He regularly collaborates with various
magazines, participates in several documentaries, makes public commissions…

About ten books relate his work.

In 2015 he created Jarkhot Publishing.

Member of the French explorers’ society.

Art pieces available

Onja et son bébé • 155x70x70cm • Bronze and metal

Yongden • 126x60x48cm • Bronze and metal

Angelo • 172x130x110cm • Bronze and metal

Lisa • 67x28x30cm • Bronze and metal


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