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Manolo Valdes is a Spanish painter and sculptor born in 1942.

His work is more than a simple reinterpretation of art history. According to ‘Diego Velasquez’, Valdes appropriates to himself art history while commenting it. He also finds his inspiration in Picasso and Matisse’s work. His sculptures are available in various materials, bronze, glass…His canvases also have different textures: folded or stitched burlap, brushed with bitumen, pigments, overloaded with paint like a wound or a goiter. Among the most impressive of his works are a crucifix, a large canvas untitled “Compositions” and a fan made of blue coloured fabric strips sewn together. Manolo Valdes also painted many portraits of women, with their face cut by a median line, evoking Matisse and Picasso.

Since 1974 he regularly exhibits his work at the ‘Maeght Gallery’ and has also exhibited his sculptures of heads with hats at the ‘Chambord’ castle in France from April to September 2010.

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