JM ROBERT started painting at a very young age by imitating the effects of patina, dirt and degradation that he observed on building facades. After completing his studies in Arts and Crafts, he gradually took inspiration from Pop Art and Street Art.

He draws subtle and refined female faces in a stencil style on abstract backgrounds that reflect the effects of urban walls. His very flashy palette of colours contrasts with the black of the graphic design by which he captures on the fly this particular expression of the female faces he draws on his collages and canvases.

“The damaged facades of houses and buildings fascinate me. I have always felt strong emotions in front of deteriorated, degraded walls, this is my main source of inspiration. Through my paintings, I seek to develop my own aesthetic conception of ruin.

But if the ruins are generally rich in contradictory and complex emotions, I want my painting to speak a contemporary language as it is expressed on the walls of our cities. It was then inevitable that I would be interested in the creations of graffiti artists whose pictorial language is strong and direct. In their creation, the objective is to leave a trace that in an instant, must catch the eye of passers-by. This trace becomes that of an ephemeral presence. Through my painting, I seek to capture this strong and brief presence, striking with a glance, a feminine face that bears witness to my time.”

Art pieces available

Cinglante beauté • 195x130cm • Mixed media on canvas

En état de grâce • 195x130cm • Mixed media on canvas



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