jana & js (Jana & Jean-Sébastien Philippe – Austria / France) are a couple of artists who have been working for almost 15 years in the urban space and on different types of supports for exhibitions.

Their paintings are composed of urban landscapes, architectural details and characters whose attitudes and expressions are inspired by the places where they are painted. The work of jana & js tends to integrate as much as possible with the places of their interventions. They constantly seek to create a relationship between their paintings and the environment in which they are located. It is in this sense that they have been searching for new supports for their creations for several years, sometimes even outside the urban space (tree trunks, railway tracks, stones, rocks…).    

They use the stencil as the basis of their work but have over time enriched it with other techniques that give them more freedom.
Passionate about photography, their pictorial work is based exclusively on their photos. It is personal, a reflection of what surrounds them, touches them and which they witness. It is nourished by their encounters, their travels, their daily life…

After their meeting in Madrid in 2004, where they lived for a few years in Paris, they are now settled in Laufen, a German town on the border with Austria.

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