Bradley HART


Bradley Hart was born in Toronto, Canada. At the age of 11, he enrolled in Thornton Hall, a private art school where he trained in classical art. Since 2008, Hart has been living and working in New York.

Bradley Hart works mainly with bubble wrap as a unique canvas and creative material. Using software developed with a friend and his personal collection of photographs, Bradley Hart assigns each bubble a color code that corresponds to a syringe loaded with paint. The artist then injects the acrylic paint into each cell of the film, which gives hyperrealistic simulations of the images chosen with pixels.

During injection, Hart intentionally fills the bubbles with a calculated amount of paint so that the excess paint drips onto the flat side of the bubble film. The drops fuse together as they dry and are then removed from the plastic. This layer becomes the next series, entitled “Printing”.

Dried paint from mixing pots and workshop surfaces, such as floor, pallet, bubble wrap and protective sheet, is collected and assembled to produce the Created Waste or Wasted Paint Intention series. For Creative Waste, the artist decisively reverses the acrylic in order to imitate the natural splashes of his previous series.

Art pieces available

Matisse Odalisque • 174x217cm • Injection

Raphael Drawing • 128x210cm • Injection

Still Life with Skull and writing Quill • 147x214cm • Injection

The Son Of Man Interpreted • Injection

Einstein • 200x152cm • Injection


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