Eduardo Guelfenbein was born in Santiago de Chile and now lives in Paris. The artist is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. His style is inspired by his nomadic life and his sensibilities.

The artist moved to Paris after having travelled all over Italy. In the capital, he paints his thick, expressive and colourful works.

Eduardo Guelfenbein wants to create an intense acrylic texture with sculpted gestural features and a complete palette of colours. Through her expression, her thick textured acrylic canvases show a process of discovering infinite patterns and endless shapes. In red, orange and blue tones, the artist’s works evoke a feeling of power and anxiety.

Art pieces available

Float • 146x114cm • Acrylic on canvas

Floating • 130x97cm • Acrylic on canvas

Inspirational • 146x114cm • Acrylic on canvas

Paradisiaque • 146x114cm • Acrylic on canvas

Ephemeral • 195x130cm • Acrylic on canvas

Garden • 146x114cm • Acrylic on canvas

Harmonies • 146x114cm • Acrylic on canvas

Represent • 195x160cm • Acrylic on canvas

Visages • 146x114cm • Acrylic on canvas


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