Marco Grassi was born in 1987 and lives and works as a painter in Italy. Since his early childhood, Marco grew up surrounded by old master paintings and Chinese pottery collected over the years by his grandfather, a small collector from Northern Italy.

Despite a strong fascination with fine art early in his life, he chose to follow his passion and make a career out of it during his university studies. From an early stage in his art career, Marco studied the painting techniques of many of the old masters.

Over time, he modified and reinterpreted them in new ways to create his unique personal style and contemporary finish. Maybe it is the extreme realism with a variety of small, fine details that forces the audience to stop and focus their attention on his paintings.

Nevertheless, there is something else that plays an essential role in the creation of each one of his paintings. That is ‘sfumato’, a technique mastered during the Renaissance by the Italian painters.

Marco employs it in a new way, updated for the 21st century, with the soft transitions between each part of the painting, achieving very delicate and natural color passages.

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