Sacha Goldberger, a French photographer born in 1968, started his career in advertising as an artistic director.

An accomplished artist, he made a name for himself by photographing his grandmother Mamika as a superhero, by transforming Hulk and Superman into Flemish paintings in his series Flemish Supers, or by shooting the Brooklyn Loubavitchs in offbeat situations tinged with the Yiddish humour that marks all his series.

Mamika was an international success and was the subject of a Best off book in 2015, and there are currently many exhibitions devoted to Flemish Supers around the world. In her latest series Meet my Mum, Sacha Goldberger revisits the family in Hooper-style scenography with a touch of “Mad Men glamour”.

Art pieces available

Chevalier avec casque et bouclier aux couleurs des Etats-Unis • 140x187cm • Photography

Femme en rouge et bleu au diadème accompagnée d’un homme • 140x187cm • Photography

Portrait d’un homme en vert très musclé • 140x187cm • Photography


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