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Eric Liot is – successively – a painter, sculptor, assembler and collagiste. Many disciplines and techniques of creation that set him today as an accomplished artist. His universe oscillates between the Campbell Soup can or Warhol worlds. For twenty years, the man has become an image recoverer. Nourished with the works of artists from the ‘Figuration Narrative’ such as Errò, Telemaque or Peter Klasen; Eric Liot, like his predecessors, is working in the moment, feeding from everyday images and characters in order to fix our contemporary icons. We meet in his work either our favorite hero Supeman or the Che, usual figures of mass consumption as the Bibendum or the Campell Soup can or even cartoon, movies, or video games characters.


Liot is firmly established in the tradition of the ‘found object’ and ‘assemblage’. He subtracts the objects from their original utility purpose and thereby adds to them a new plastic quality. He would then sometimes use a wooden background as his canvas. He then becomes the painter. Yet through successive layers cut and pasted to the dimensions of the subject, he gradually drifts toward a bas-relief that could be called “painting-sculpture.” Contemporary by excellence, Eric Liot confirms his artistic talent, full of imagination and originality, always guided by an innate taste for derision.

Illuminator, assembler, purveyor of contemporary myths, cheeky humorist and funny, on the threshold of Pop Art and with sculpture reduced to the plan, Eric Liot is in line with a craft tradition where building prevails.

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