David MACH


Artist David Mach was born 1956 in Methil, Scotland. David Mach became famous for his impressive ephemeral installations such as ‘Polaris’, a full-scale submarine realized with recycled tires in London in 1983. David Mach always uses the same type of objects in an artwork: directories telephone, thousands of magazines, electric cables or any consumer product. He thus made spectacular installations where objects like pianos, statues, cars, trucks seem to be swept away by the dynamic flow of stacked newspapers arranged around them. From hundreds of bottles, more or less filled with colored liquid, he creates images playing with the illusion of volume. Associated with New British Sculpture, David Mach works on aesthetics and the proliferation of manufactured objects. Humor is permanent in his work as when assembling in his sculptures animals with home appliance objects or sport equipment. His creations are a real challenge to the size of the city and its architecture. David Mach also realizes, since the 1990s, human or animal masks made of matches, picture collages, sculptures with metal hangers. During the FIAC in Paris 2006, his work “It takes two” was a monumental sculpture made of two Sumos made of fiberglass, carrying a container was presented in the ‘Jardin des Tuileries’ gardens.

Art pieces available

Lichtenstein Postcard Collage • 122x122cm • Technique mixte


Butterfly Postcard • 183x183cm • Technique mixte


Butterfly Postcard • 160x160cm • Technique mixte


Blondie Collage Postcard -• 100x100cm • Technique mixte



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