Granddaughter of Carlos Cruz Diez, maestro of kinetic art, Fabiana Cruz was born in Caracas (Venezuela) in 1984. She has a degree in Plastic Arts from the Sorbonne University and her work is part of the visual music movement born in the United States in the 1930s. She creates artistic creations that play on the phenomenon of synesthesia.


Fabiana Cruz translates the music she composes into forms, colors and movements, according to her own synesthetic perception. Her intention is to trick the viewer’s brain, even if only for a second, by making him see sounds and hear colors.


The artist explains that the use of one material or medium inevitably leads her to think of the other: “That’s what happened when I started playing with white paint: I remembered the sound of the cello in the Bach Suites. Each stroke for each note echoes and stays for a second or two.


Through her new work « SOUND CIRCUITS » exhibited at Bartoux Art & Design, Fabiana Cruz introduces the viewer to a new visual, moving and sound universe.


Through an augmented reality application « Artivive », the artist allows us to see a set of sound animations and movements behind the forms and transforms our relationship to the work of art.


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