Pascal CHÔVE


Pascal Chôve is a creator, able to propose a new kind of spectacle. The figurative constitutes the leitmotiv for his archetypal oeuvre that belongs to all eras, with the artist bringing a singular and strongly contemporary approach to the subject, taking daring directions while respecting traditional techniques. His dialectic springs forth from the history of painting. He has the draughtsmanly skill, sense of composition and mastery of colour to create real masterworks. Each of his canvases results from a creative process that guides him in portraying his muses. Inspired in equal measure by the history of humanity and the existence of his contemporaries, Pascal Chôve calls forth a new world, made of gentleness and calm.

The immensely appealing female figures are painted from life. Rather than top models, the artist depicts girls, wives and mothers whom he has met in real life, all of them with their own spark and inner beauty. The posing sessions tend to be long as the artist strives to go beyond the carnal flesh and pain the very aura of his sitters. It takes a heightened sensibility like Pascal Chôve’s to brings these energies to light.

Art pieces available

Exquise • 120x120cm • Mixed media on wood

Manon • 146x70cm • Mixed media on wood

Les risques du métier • 195x114cm • Mixed media on wood

Huis Clos • 150x150cm • Mixed media on wood

10h• 120x120cm • Mixed media on wood

Dans ses yeux • 180x180cm • Mixed media on wood

Ici et ailleurs • 97x162cm • Mixed media on wood


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