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Guémy Christian, born in 1973, is a Parisian artist who became a benchmark for stencil and graffiti art, under the pseudonym: C215.

He started stencil painting in 2006 with mainly portraits. His favorite model is his daughter Nina. He also is an engaged painter by the social character of his works: he especially represents anonymous, vagabonds or even great figures of socialism. “In the end, behind the portraits, it is always about freedom and dignity against capitalism in our everyday society.”

C215 does not hesitate to take clear political positions as in 2013 with the completion of Christiane Taubira portrait which created a huge controversy in the French press, from newspapers ‘Le Monde’ to ‘Rivarol’.

He enjoys a contextual art, having put his signature on walls in Barcelona, Amsterdam, Dakar, New Delhi, Oslo, Rome, Port-au-Prince, London, Istanbul, Fes, or Paris.

After exhibiting at the ‘Palais Benedictine’ in Fécamps and the City Hall of the 13th arrondissement of Paris in 2014, a solo exhibition untitled E = MC215 took place in 2015 at the Museum of Arts and Crafts.

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