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Anna Bocek was born in 1973 in Gdansk in Poland.
She studied painting and scenography to the national Academy of  Fine arts and Design of Gdansk.
In 1997, she wins the prize “Shakespearen Set Designer Project” of Gedanense Foundation, in Gdansk.

Since 1997, she realized numerous decorations for rooms of Gogol, Shakespeare, Gunrey and others. She obtained her diploma in 1999.

She was outdone several times during her career by big artistic events in Poland as well as in Italy and in New York.

Everything that surrounds her influences directly the subjects of her works. Her first source of inspiration remains the context, the atmosphere around a character. Not only the atmosphere but the person herself with its own personality nature.

She neither joins in hyper realism, nor tries to comment on the model but considers rather her works as the study of feelings and sensual experiments just like a personal diary would present the complexity and the diversity of the human nature.

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