Born in Marseille in 1965, Frédérique Assaël has always drawn portraits since her childhood. After having worked in several painting workshops in Brussels, back in France, the artist went deeper into drawing with sanguine and charcoal, concentrating mainly on portraits. She then turned to oil painting, through the study of the Masters (Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci, Caravaggio, Gericault, Picasso…). It was then that Frédérique Assaël embarked on a personal work. 

“The face is not what can be seen, but rather what can be hidden”, these faces charged with mystery bewitch the artist, she tries to decipher them, to tell them, to reinvent them. For several years now, Frédérique Assaël has been interested in animals, their fragility and their power. She says she is fascinated by the diversity of the animal world. She has explored the kudu, the ram but also the bull and the lynx. 

The artist mixes figuration and abstraction while drawing on ancient techniques, then she gives free rein to her imagination. Her subjects are oversized in order to create a direct face-to-face with the viewer. They emerge from a fragmented and connected universe that she poses on her canvases. 

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