Madame is a French street art artist who creates vintage compositions from collages. A former actress converted to the plastic arts, she grew up in a family of artists.
It is her passion for the theatre, the stage and, more broadly, representation and the public that has guided her artistic approach.

The artist collects old media (dating from 1800 to 1930) as diverse as engravings, photographs, drawings, wood or old paper. She takes these objects out of their original use and puts them in dialogue with other materials, thus bringing the past into the present. Her impressive compositions take the form of large posters on the walls of cities, museums, etc.

Her approach is strongly inspired by the world of theatre. The artist brings together personal writing with old media to create new compositions and thus mix the past with the present.

Through this mixture of visual and textual elements, Madame seeks to question the public in order to open the senses as well as the minds.

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