Roman Garassuta was born in Moscow, 1958. He spent his childhood in Ukraine in Nikolaev, the birthplace of his father. Early on, he was fascinated by drawing. From the age of fourteen, he attended his first art classes at the Nikolaev Fine Arts institute and became aware of his vocation and wanted to become a painter. From 1979 to 1984 he studied at the School of Fine Arts in Kharkov, Ukraine. Recognized by the state cultural authorities, he had the opportunity to exhibit his drawings from 1985 to 1990 in many republican and regional events. In 1991 he exhibited for the first time his paintings and encountered a huge success. He became the leader of the Ukrainian Painters Movement. Since 1994 he presents his works in solo exhibitions arround Europe, the USA and Ukraine and is increasingly successful. He lives and shares his time between Ukraine and France.

Art pieces available

La jeune fille • 116×89cm • Huile sur toile


Dreams • 120x120cm • Huile sur toile


Attente d’amour • 130x130cm • Huile sur toile

An Apple • 100x100cm • Huile sur toile



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