Richard Orlinski is a French sculptor, born in Paris 1966. He studied at the National Fine Arts School in Neuilly-sur-Seine, and then chose to devote himself to sculpture. He explores the medium of sculpture using industrial materials that adorns references to the Pop Art movement which nurtured his youth and has always continued to feed his work. His preferred materials are resin and aluminum used following the casting process. His art is far away from conventions, he creates an art of his time. Richard Orlinski is to be placed among these artists claiming a contemporary art designed by industrial means, creating works questioning the codes of perception of our consumer society. Following a logic of multiplication and repetition, he denounces the logic of mass production of our cultural industry. From a flagship item: the crocodile, to more advanced works, Richard Orlinski offers a panorama of what contemporary art has to present. Questioning the perception society has of contemporary art by creating works that play on different levels: visual impact, popular iconography, the notion of instinct in humans, while revisiting the history of art. So many ways to point out the question of the impact contemporary art has in public space and the perception of the public: art lovers and uninitiated…

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