Feng Zhengjie, born 1968 in Sichuan Province, China is an artist based in Beijing and Jeju Island of South Korea.

Feng Zhengjie paints striking contemporary women with their coloured hair, richly hued clothes and luscious, expressive lips, the women appear irresistibly dazzling. And yet, the wandering expressions in their eyes render them elusive and enigmatic. These strange, unknowable eyes have become Feng’s signature style.

Feng studied at the Sichuan Academy of Fine Art between 1988 and 1995. After 1989, Feng rejected both socialist realism and Western academic art, turning instead to the questions raised by China’s emerging contemporary art scene. He developed a more critical outlook with regards to society. In response to the new issues confronting China, Feng Zhengjie decided to take inspiration from the popular images he had grown up with in rural Sichuan. His “exotically colorful style” is originated from a traditional drawing called “Mian Zhu Nian Hua”.

Critics are unanimous in placing Feng’s paintings in the realm of the critique of contemporary consumer society. It is possible to perceive a certain “lost” quality in Feng’s recent paintings of women. Behind all their beauty and fashion, their expressions perhaps reveals a certain inner emptiness and an uncertainty regarding the future. According to him “Today’s society is developing so rapidly in every aspects and following the development are more temptations. These temptations will make people unable to focus and confused. The dynamic motion of the ladies’ eyes portrays the fact that females can only catch up with what’s going on around them by moving their eyes constantly.”

Art pieces available

Chinese portrait • 150x150cm • Peinture sur toile


Chinese portrait • 150x150cm • Peinture sur toile


Chinese portrait • 61x61cm • Peinture sur toile


Chinese verticale • 180x100cm • Peinture sur toile



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