Boudro is a young artist who surprises through the richness of his compositions and his passion for New York. With his own neo-pop style, he expends an overflowing dynamism. Through yellow cabs, vibrant colors full of energy, and a comic strip style, his works make us aware about the feverish atmosphere that characterizes the Big Apple.

Today, Boudro spreads his passion through more complex dense and detailed works which symbolize the movement, the wild rhythm of the city life, the stress, the crowd. He creates perspective and depth effects ; volumes and colors both interact so as to express the chaos, but always with a touch of humor.

Now, he places emphasis on two medias which have always been present in his work : advertising and comic strip

Art pieces available

Mickey & Minnie on Broadway • 85x85cm


Maryline • 60x60cm

Captain America • 85X85cm

Comic Stripes • 110x110cm


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