French artist born in 1973, recognized by his peers as a reference of his kind in France, Akhine paints precisely a face, a body gesture and gives the whole attitude to the volume, he reproduces the texture of a grain skin, installs shadows.
As a part of the second generation of European graffiti artists, he has been invested since 1977 and has worked extensively with several collectives, hence his commitment to this discipline in the collective basis rather than individual. Akhine knows how to adapt proportions to centimeters on a canvas as well as a gigantic wall, without ever betraying his subject and is expressed on all types of media and materials.

Inspired by graphics such as comics, cartoon, art and new among others, his world is figurative while speaking In his diversity, but does not tend to hyperrealism.

Facing the canvas, his approach is different, where the graffiti also becomes an inspiration but is not the purpose, as technical facing the wall.

Art pieces available

Izia • 160x160x7 • SOLD!


Origins • 150x150cm • SOLD!



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